"Ekonomik kalkınma;
Türkiye'nin özgür, bağımsız, her zaman daha güçlü,
her zaman daha bolluklu Türkiye ülküsünün belkemiğidir."

M. Kemal Atatürk

Vision-Mission-Quality, Environment and Service Policy


To provide the best service to the members coming to the Chamber, to provide postservice satisfaction and to be always a modern Chamber, leader of development and change.


In the leadership of its members and the law numbered 5174 of Turkish Industry, within and institutional structure, without compromising from the service principles corresponding present or future needs, through informing, education and consultation services, to contribute to the development of the country and to increase the local and national economy and industries national competitive power.

The Quality and Service Policies

Balıkesir Chamber of Industry, aims to correspond the demands and expectations of the members full, correct and in time by sticking to the principles of detachment and reliability within the framework of duties and responsibilities given by the law and the related legislation. First about the services given to society and to our members, to work more active and fast in order to decrease the industrial – commercial potential of the members, to protect the advantages of the members and to solve the possible problems due to economical and social relations. Balıkesir Chamber of Industry gives importance to the pleasure of their members. So, it pays attention on the demands of its members, and in parallel to economical conditions of the day, to provide necessary equipment and pushing forward the system, to develop the quality consciousness of the employees to correct irregularities, and to provide sustainable development by organizing regular trainings for the members and the employees in parallel to their demands.