"Ekonomik kalkınma;
Türkiye'nin özgür, bağımsız, her zaman daha güçlü,
her zaman daha bolluklu Türkiye ülküsünün belkemiğidir."

M. Kemal Atatürk


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Expert's Reports

As it is known the law numbered 5174 gives the responsibility of being referee and authority to the chambers  The chambers execute this responsibility via its authorities in several profession groups that are listed in “lists of referee and authority” and approved by the assemblies of the chambers

In the conflict that might occur either in between the members or between the members and other institutions, if the members or the institutions demand, the reports of referee and authority is prepared within the framework of conventions.

Some examples of authority reports
  • Decision of the sites, buildings and machines values
  • To determine the conditions of the equipments that are broken or disposed or lost value
  • To determine the conventions of several profession groups (for instance the determination of tomato purchasing whether only limited to June and October or through whole year)
  • The authority report to determine the age of the second hand equipment as necessitated by the customs legislations when importing second hand machinery.