"Ekonomik kalkınma;
Türkiye'nin özgür, bağımsız, her zaman daha güçlü,
her zaman daha bolluklu Türkiye ülküsünün belkemiğidir."

M. Kemal Atatürk

Industry in Balıkesir

The Province Satiating Turkey

Balıkesir is located on the biggest and dense route of İstanbul – Bursa – İzmir of Turkey. Accordingly, the industrial characteristics in parallel to the general characteristics of the western Turkey.

Balıkesir had 19 towns including the central one, 34 districts and 892 villages. Total population is 1.118.313; density of the population is 79. According to the dates of SPD, Balıkesir is among the 20 provinces that are secondary group of developed provinces. It is the 15th of 81 provinces.

The economy of the province is based on agriculture mostly. As the site and climate is adequate every kind of agricultural product can be produced in Balıkesir. Grain, tobacco, sugar beet, cotton, tomatoes are among the most produced agricultural products. Agriculture and livestock production is done by conscious approaches. It is at an advanced level in farmer, machine and fertilizers. It has a high potential of livestock production. It has 358.100 great cattle, 638.000 small cattle. With the development of the cultural stock it became one of the most productive regions of Turkey in milk and dairy production. As it had a wide area and range of agriculture, the industry based on agriculture had developed further. Flour, feed, olive, olive oil, sauce, canned food, vegetable oil production has an important place in Balıkesir’s economy. Also, in last decades, chicken farming, eggs, milk and dairy production has an important place in the sector.

With 10 million olive trees, olive production has a significant place in the agriculture and economy of the province. Especially in towns of Ayvalık – Burhaniye – Edremit – Havran the olive and olive oil industry for centuries was rooted and became worldwide known with their standards.

Our province is at a significant place with its underground wealth. Besides rich mines such as Boron, coal, iron there are also chrome, marble, lead, zinc, antimuan, kaolin mines. While, among those minerals such as Boron, chrome marble lead and zinc are exported the rest are given to the national industry as raw material. Around us, synthetic textiles, electricity machines, products of chemistry and wood, main metal industry and building materials industries are also developing.

In Balıkesir, the production of the equipments and machinery of the agriculture is highly developed. Every type of equipment is being produced and distributed to whole country. Chemistry and industry which developed in latest decades has also settled in our province also through giant factories. The biggest fertilizer and acid boric factory is located in Bandırma. Contribution of chemistry industry is very important as it both serves to agriculture and is exported. There are big factories in our countries sugar, chemistry, cement, and wood products sectors. There are many multi partnered firms in our province. There are three of them that we are proud of as they are among the most successful multi partnered firms. Especially if the failure of workers foundations and the risk that is taken by state to support and difficulties are remembered, the successes of those firms are better understood.

From Bandırma sea port with its biggest and most modern underground and ground facilities after Istanbul, every type of export and import is done. Today, in Bandırma port, load and unloading of almost 25000 toned ships, one of the main mine exports of the country. As the water level is available, it is one of the most popular ports of the country.

In terms of climate conditions, Balıkesir is suitable for industrial activities through all year. As it connected to 19 towns and 892 villages via land route and communication network, it is possible to find qualified work power. In the latest decades the developments in the industry, caused the movement of work power from other provinces of Turkey.

The rate of legacy in Balıkesir is 98%. University of Balıkesir which was founded in 1992, today has 8 faculties, 5 High school, 5 Institute, 10 research and application center, 4 head of departments, 496 faculty members, over 25.000 students and it is raising the qualified worker, master technical and administrative personnel.

In short, Balıkesir is near to 2 seaports, Free Commercial Zone of İzmir, and has 2 civil airports, having the advantages such as availability of workers in every quality, with less problems of workers, having a university for research and development is a potential province for our manufacturers that are planning to do investments.