"Ekonomik kalkınma;
Türkiye'nin özgür, bağımsız, her zaman daha güçlü,
her zaman daha bolluklu Türkiye ülküsünün belkemiğidir."

M. Kemal Atatürk

History of Balıkesir Chamber of Industry

Our chamber was established with a special permission from Ministry of Industry in 1954 as a subunit of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry which was covered the provinces of Aydın, Muğla,Manisa, Denizli and Balıkesir.

There are not any documents in the archives of the chamber dating earlier thatn 1954. Due to the developments in regional manufacturing industry, Balıkesir had established its own cahmber of industry in 1981. At that time the chamber had almost 305 members from 11 profession groups, now has 972 members from 17 profession groups.

The main decision organ of the chamber is the assembly. It consists 36 members that are elected 2 or 3 members for 4 years from 17 different profession groups. Asembly is the supervision and the decision organ. Iı is represented by the chair of the assmely. In the Presidency of the Assembly, there is also one vice chair and a clerk member. The excutive organ is the Administrative Board of the chamber. There is one chair and 8 members elected for 4 years among the members of the assemby. There are two vice chairs and 1 accountant member in the administrative board. Both the assembly and the administrative board contrieves comissions as specialization comittees or working groups temporary or permanently in order to sustain a more pproductive work for the chamber. The services are given by the personnel of the chamber both in the center and also in Edremit – Ayvalık contact offices.

The chamber is in close relations with other chambers of professions, UNIONs and associations. The chamber attends to the elections of the UNION of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and collaborates with the activities and services by the UNION.