"Ekonomik kalkınma;
Türkiye'nin özgür, bağımsız, her zaman daha güçlü,
her zaman daha bolluklu Türkiye ülküsünün belkemiğidir."

M. Kemal Atatürk

Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zones

Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone

The foundation Works for Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone dates to 1976. The first steps are taken with the proposal of Ministry of Industry and Trade and 21.09.1976 dated 78–79–80–81 issued decisions of High Council of Planning, it was decide by the Council of Ministers at 24.10.1976 and published in the official register 30 January 1977.

With the decisions of council of Ministers, the Organized Industrial Zone foundation in our region begin with expropriation Works. For the expropriation of an area on 50 hectare, in 1993, 29 Billion TL payment is requested from Ministry of Industry and Trade. And it was immediately paid to the Plot Office general Directorate which executes the expropriation Works on behalf of us. But due to the high inflation and bank interests, the owners of the plots founded the prices law and sued for increase of prices. They applied to the European Human Rights Court afterwards and caused the expropriation works to last longer.

The development plan of Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone is approved by the Municipality assembly of Balıkesir in 1986. Following this approval, the infrastructure projects are prepared and the first bid is made in 21 December 1993. With this bid, the opening of the internal distribution roads to the terasman level is provided. With the second bid of infrastructure supply construction dated 06.11.1996 the infrastructure of those roads, the upper structures and the art works are made.

The bid of the electricity network of low and middle voltage production was made in 18.11.1997 electricity is provided for all lots in the zone. Also the drinking and process water need of the zone is provided by being included in the bid for Balıkesir Central Drinking Water by State Hyradraulic Works Ins a through a protocol With this work, a water storage of 7500 m3, 6800m transmission line and 21 km internal distribution line and lot connections are done.

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Balıkesir Second Organized Industrial Zone


Balıkesir Second Organized Industrial Zone was established in 1997 under the name of Balıkesir Plungers Organized Industrial Zone, with the approval of Ministry of Industry and Trade, and participation of 97% Cooperative of Plungers’ collective construction of workshops 1% the special provincial administration, 1% chamber of industry, 1% chamber of Trade.

The region which was preserved as the plungers zone by the decision of the assembly of the municipality was projected as Specialization Organized Industrial Zone to move the plungers which stayed at the urban center to the outside of the city due to the change in plungers business line. Yet recently, due to changing economical conditions the plungers’ business line is deteriorated. That’s why with the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Specialization Organized Industrial Zone is turned in to Mixed Organized Industrial Zone.

The zone which located in boundaries of Gölköy in central Balıkesir, on the 10th km of Balıkesir – Savaştepe Road, next to the Balıkesir IPZ on 135 ha area with 79 industrial staff, is divided into two sections. The first section of 60 ha with 69 industrial staff and its construction of infrastructure has began in 2002. The construction of road, waste water, drinking water network and transmission lines and telephone infrastructures had began in 2002 and completed in 16 August 2005 and finally approved in 20.08.2007.

The construction of AG-OG electricity network of the zone is completed in 21.07.2006 and temporary acceptation is made. About the energy transfer lines, the cell allotment from SEKA TM and fider equipment is completed by making the agreement and energized and final approval is made in 17.06.2007.

The 24 members of Cooperative of Plungers’ collective construction of workshops which had 97% participation in the formation of the zone, has a share counter to 61 parcels. The temporary lot price is decided 18YTL m2 in order to be paid till the end of 2015 via installment payment. The site of the zone is bought by the cooperative and the financial needs of the zone is provided by the cooperative other than ministry credits. The title of the zone had changed as Balıkesir Second Industrial Planned zone at the 20.03.2008 meeting of the entrepreneurs commission and 01.04.2006 dated approval of Ministry of Industry and Trade.